Customer registration

1. Select a profile to register against

To register as a user for an existing profile simply select your organisation from the drop-down list below. Your registration will be validated by the organisation's profile manager as part of the process before you will have access to the customer area. If your organisation's profile is not available in the drop-down list below please contact your profile manager or your IDOX account manager for assistance.
Register as a profile manager only if you have been asked to do so by your IDOX account manager. Once validated by an IDOX administrator, you will be responsible for managing the online profile for your organisation and approving new user registrations.

2. Enter your contact details

Organisation is mandatory only when registering as a login manager.

3. Enter your chosen username and password. Don't forget re-enter your password to confirm

Min 6 characters / Max 20
Min 6 characters / Max 15
Min 6 characters / Max 15